Flat Pillows: Swiss Block Pillow
We produce them: the smaller form of block pillows with movable blocks in the middle and fixed parts right and left to lay the bobbins down.
It is called "swiss" type because kind of this was originally knewn in Swizerland.

  • You may pull ot the blocks and turn them to work th corner.
  • You can exchange a block with lace in the make with a new block, starting a new pattern - make multiple pillows out of one.
We offer
  • two kinds of quality  (Felt, Styrofoam+felt)
  • two shapes (with corners, rounded corners)
You will find additional blocks to make your pillow more flexible to your need and we offer bigger sizes of this pillow: the Maxi pillow.

If you still need more size and flexibility: look at our "Back" , the big block pillow with blocks in a frame