Store: "Faden & Spiel"

"Faden & Spiel"

the store for hobby and needlecraft - for the young and the old!

"Faden & Spiel" shows the complete offer of "Die Klöppelkiste".
The stock offers on some parts more as the online shop: a wide range of high-quality ceative childrens toys (e.g.
Hess, Ebert, Kress, Grimms, Brio, Selecta, Grimminger) for children and  special wool for knitters. You find also modern woodworks, based on the traditional iron mountain art of woodturning.

Offers on survey:

  1. The basic assortment of the Klöppelkiste (as here in the online shop). More on that ...
  2. Additionnal products for Lace makers. More on that ...
  3. Other needleworks techniques: knitting, "Strickfantasie" ("knitting fantasy). More on that ...
  4. A special range of wool, e.g. Zitron,Wollium, Lang, Holst. More on that ...
  5. High quality childrens toys. More on that ...
  6. Turned wood from carefully selected turners of the region. More on that ...

Opening hours

Wasserschloß Klaffenbach is a tourist attraction. Castle and ateliers therefore offer the typical opening hours: open saturday and sunday, closed on monday (and all ateliers except "Faden & Spiel" as well on tuesday).

"Faden & Spiel" is open: tuesday to sunday 11 am - 5 pm

We open also on most feast days..
(But you better ask for the opening hours on holidays.)


Address: Wasserschloßweg 6, D-09123 Chemnitz OT Klaffenbach

Phone: 0371 - 26212370 / Fax: 0371 - 2600743
karin.fischer (at)

Some useful tips

     1) The basic product range of the Klöppelkiste

The store usually holds everything you find in our pricelist. Some exceptions are flat pillows. As we have less place in the store, we have many things in our storehouse some minutes away.

You have the advantage to see everything, look for the right thread color or get the function of equipment explained. Ms Fischer and her colleague can provide you with good advise.

If you have ordered something and tell us the time of your visit in Klaffenbach we will prepare the order for you. Or we fix an appointment where you can fetch your order at a fair.

     2) Additionnal offers for lace making

In our store we show some things you don't find in our ishop:
  • special products, in small numbers, running out or what we have tested or for other reasons are not part of the pricelist.
  • rustic-style arrases, pictures, curtains as of Anita Walther
  • Jewelry made of stainless steel wire by Birgit Härtel, a well known bobbin lace designer
  • Examples of the famous needle lace from Kiskunhalas/Ungarn.
 It is worth coming to us and having a look!

     3) Other needleworks

     "Strickfantasie" / "Knitting Fantasy" a special kind of knitting   

     All you need:
  • Wool
  • Knitting Needles
  • Stretcher Frames
     Extraordinary & Traditional    
  • Knitting Jennys
  • Kumihimo braiding disks
  • Pompom-Sets
  • Viking Chain Knitting
  • Yoola's Wire Knitting Jenny
     And much more for children ...

     4) high quality creative toys

We offer a range of attractive wooden toys and games for children and grown-ups, as

  • Puzzle games
  • Gyroscopes
  • Games of dice
  • Wooden blocks
Our producer are e.g. Hess, Ebert, Krebs, Grimms, Brio, Selecta, Grimminger u.a.

      5) Drechselwaren von ausgewählten erzgebirgischen Gestaltern

Wir wollen mit unserem Angebot zeigen, daß das Erzgebirge für qualitativ hochwertige Artikel steht, die in keiner Weise mit Billigangeboten zu verwechseln sind. Dabei legen wir Wert darauf, neben den guten traditionellen Formen besonders auch die spannende moderne Gestaltung zu präsentieren, die in unserer Region in den letzten Jahren entstanden ist.

Hier, wie auch bei der Spitze, sind wir der Meinung, daß ein altes Handwerk nicht überleben kann, wenn es sich nicht  weiterentwickelt.

Wir führen z.B. die Firmen Flade, Graupner, Günter Reichel, Björn Köhler, Weißflog und Torsten Martin.


Yoola's Drahtstrickliesel