If you run a needlework business, profite from our 30 years of know-how.
Look into our shop. We offer most articles also for resellers.
  • You will find a huge range on neeldework equipment: Lacemaking, tatting shuttles and needles, lucets, Knitting Jennys and much more
  • Thread: Linen for lacemaking, coton, metallic
  • Equipment like sewing and Quilting neeldes, ball point needles, pins, magnifiers ...
  • Attractive findings vor jewelry
  • and the huge range of about 200 different colored wires
  • We are wholesaler e.g. for Prym, Madeira, Clover, Holma Helsinglands, Goldschild and others
Please register with password, call us or write a mail or fax your trading licence with your VAT-ID. We can activate your access for resellers. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate asking.

TPhone and Fax: (+49) 371-2600743
Besides: we only supply stores.