My Blogs
Sometimes want to give informations that don't fit to a product description and came after a booklet was written.
That's what blogs are for. They are in German, but with photos and I hope helpful for the respective technique.
They are all on ''.

Klöppeln / Lace making
"" shows news and gives informations about our childrens contest.
Wikinger Stricken / Viking chain knitting
"Viking chain knitting" is a very old, newly found technique how to make jewelry with wire. Wire will be threaded around a stick and at gauged with a dowel.
We offer two booklets (in German) as introduction into this old technique, for starter and for more advanced. The Blog on "Wikinger Strickliesel" offers experiences.

Nadelbinden / Needlebinding
"Needlebinding" is about another very old technique to make woolen cloths with just one needle. It was used to make socks, beanies, gloves, jackets and others before knitting was invented. We offer short instructions and all you need to do it.

Drahtschmuck mit Yoola / Yoola's wire Knitting Jenny
The Blog about "Drahtschmuck"/wire jewlry describes my good experiences with the ISK.
Goldsmiths make wire chains with a crochet hook. A huge problem for amateurs is the start. The israel designer Yael Falk ("Yoola") invented small spools for the start and a lot of instructions for chains and other jewelry.